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Get expert help building and scaling your Elixir-based project, regardless of size and complexity.

Solving your hardest challenges

Launch your concept with confidence and reduce the risk of failure. We'll work with you to help you cristalize your ideas, craft an effective strategy, and eliminate the blockers.

Leverage our experience of launching multiple projects (successful AND failing) from scratch - we understand the challenges you're facing.

  • run design sprints;
  • conduct user research;
  • build and launch an MVP.

System extendability and performance are crucial for growth. We can help you solve the most challenging technical issues and set you on the path of scalability.

HONE has extensive experience solving complex technical challenges, leveraging Elixir concurency conventions and tools like AWS and Kafka. We can help you:

  • reduce technical debt;
  • improve system stability and scalability;
  • asyncronize communication and introduce concurency.

Keeping up with your users' needs can be a challenge without the right team and expertise.

We can help you deliver more either through our dedicated Elixir engineering teams or by helping your team level up their Elixir expertise. We have experience from working with multiple teams and know how to integrate into yours.

  • extend your team with dedicated engineers;
  • elevate your expertise with Elixir workshops;
  • improve quality throught code reviews and audits.

Elixir first

Quality software is about scalability when the business grows and flexibility when the business changes. The Elixir ecosystem offers an optimal toolset for following that paradigm and it's our main weapon.

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Hexo is one of the world's largest cannabies companies. For over 6 years we have built a fleet of tools to run their medical business that helped them go from a startup to a multimilion dollar company.

Their stack consists mostly of Elixir and Ruby running on AWS.

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Communication management softare


Whippy is a communication automation platform from LA. We helped them build their core functionalities, backend APIs and interfaces.

Whippy utilizes heavily Elixir and Phoenix to process effortlessly A LOT of messages each day.



Purrs is a peer-to-peer platform that helps cats find homes. Comes with a e-commerce section as well. The stack consists of multiple services running Ruby and Elixir on AWS and ReactJS on the frontend.


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Industry experience

HONE is a pioneer in the legal cannabis industry. Since 2015, we have conceptualized, built and scaled numerous cannabis-related systems, both for internal and end users.

We understand cannabis production and culture like no other technology team.

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